From Ice
November 15 - December 20, 2008

From Ice is a three channel projected video installation by Joan Perlman, with sound composed by Steven Dye. Using immersive imagery and sound, the work is a graphic representation of Iceland's glacial waters - their surfaces and light impacted by weather, location and time. Long interested in the metamorphic and metaphysical aspects of landscape and geology, Perlman's paintings and video work eschew documentation, moving beyond realism and transcending metaphor to tackle nature at its most elemental. The artist's decade-long focus on Iceland's landscape has lent her work unexpected implications. Through frequent visits, the artist has observed the effects of receding glaciers and changing river patterns. The mutability of the landscape has taken on a sense of fragility and loss; her work resonates with a deeply felt sense of place.

A selection of paintings on duralar from a series inspired by the glacial rivers will also be on view in the gallery. They explore moments of energy and color, using a multilayered painting process to create surfaces of transparency, texture and light.

Joan Perlman is a visual artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. She has shown widely in the US, most recently in exhibitions at Wave Hill, New York, David Cunningham Projects, San Francisco, Jancar Gallery, Los Angeles and the Hafnarborg Institute of Culture and Fine Art, Iceland. Her awards include an individual fellowship from the NEA, a completion grant from the Durfee Foundation, and numerous residencies at the Ucross Foundation, Santa Fe Art Institute and Reykjavik Art Museum/SÍM. Her work is in numerous public and private collections. She earned her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. For more information visit

From Ice was funded with support from the Durfee Foundation and the American Embassy in Reykjavik, Iceland. An exhibition catalogue from Perlman's recent solo exhibition at Hafnarborg in Iceland, with contributions by Lawrence Rinder, Brad Leithauser and Anne Brydon, will be available at Fringe.

Steven Dye is a musician, sound and film artist whose work actively explores the formal and social qualities of the materials he is using, in particular the boundaries between sound, image, and live performance. His practice includes installation, instrument building, solo and collaborative musical composition, field recording, animated filmmaking, and performative cinema.

As a founding member of the Film Performance group Wet Gate, Steve has performed and presented his work in such venues as the Liquid Architecture Sound Arts Festival, Melbourne; the Rotterdam International Film Festival, Rotterdam; the SOUNDplay Festival, Toronto, Media Archeology: Live Cinema at the Aurora Picture Show, Houston and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.